Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My word for 2015.

open adjective \ˈō-pən, -pəm\:  having no enclosing or confining barrier :  accessible on all or nearly all sides characterized by ready accessibility and usually generous attitude: as (1) :  generous in giving (2) :  willing to hear and consider or to accept and deal with :  responsive(3) :  free from reserve or pretense :  franb :  accessible to the influx of new factors not restricted to a particular group or category of participants 

Did you know that the word "open" has 20 different definitions?  I have attached the meanings of the word that best describe what I'm going for here but I am praying that my heart will be "open" to whatever meanings God has planned.  Open.  Open hands that give generously and serve without hesitation.  The blessing of an open mind that will listen with empathy and respect even when I may not agree and *gasp* possibly change my thoughts or opinions.  May I have an open heart to love the people God puts in my path unconditionally.  I love the the definition that states "not restricted to a particular group or category of participants".  May my heart be open to the people that God wants to place in my path to encourage, stretch, refine, disciple, discipline...reciprocally.  This means that I need to get out of my little introverted comfort zone.  It won't be easy.  Isn't that the point though?  
Things change faster than we can imagine.  In the blink of an eye things can forever be different.  May I be open to whatever the Lord has in store for 2015.  God is good.  Always. 

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