Tuesday, December 23, 2014


"Greater than".   When I say this so many things come to mind.  As an elementary school teacher it's used as a mathematical term or symbol.  An "alligator" that eats the larger number so to speak.  Today I'm saying it in a different way.  As a lover of God.  Jesus.  He's "Greater than"  my sin. Your sin.  All of our sin.  It doesn't matter how our minds categorize the sin (big, little, not really that bad).   He's greater than all of it.  He's "greater than"  the grave.  Death.  It didn't hold him.  He came back 3 days later.   Because of this, it doesn't hold us back either.  We can have eternity with Him.  Celebrating.  Dancing. Singing. New.  Starting the moment we surrender our hearts to Him.  He's "greater than" me.  My strength is nothing compared to His.  When I finally surrender and realize how weak I am (this takes awhile folks, I'm pretty strong willed and hard headed) He comes in and takes over with strength beyond my wildest dreams or imagination.  He's "greater than" any other throne.  We all have other thrones in our lives.  Things that struggle to be number one.  Not bad things (sometimes).  However still things that my sinful nature allows to compete with my Savior.  My husband.  My children.  Work.  Things.  He is greater.  When I put Him in His correct place, the magic happens.  The natural balance that is supposed to be there resumes.  When I don't, there is chaos.  Stress.  Frustration.  He's above all other names (Greater than).  We do not need to fear.  He is in control.  Always.  No matter what tries to shake us.  If we put our trust in him, He will guide us through the nastiest of storms.  It might not look pretty.  But He will give us what we need to get through it.

Merry Christmas friends!  He was born to be Greater!!!

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