Sunday, February 9, 2014

When God Blesses You...

When God blesses you in a way that only he can a few things happen:

1)  You stand in awe
2)  You want to share His goodness!

I've spent the last few days in awe, so now my friends, I want to SHARE!  This past week I had a minor surgery.   Nothing big.  However, my recovery was a little harsh.  The only thing that I have to compare the pain to is childbirth without drugs.  It hurt.  Badly.  Did I mention it hurt?  On top of the pain there was the nausea.  And vomiting.

For the first 4 hours I took the pain medication that was prescribed and curled up with a heating pad.  Then, when it came time to take the next dose I started vomiting.  I thought "ok, my body doesn't like Lortab. "  "I'll take ibuprofen".  Nope.  That came up too.  The medicine started to totally wear off at this point and I was raw and crying like a baby.  I sent a text to a couple of friends asking for prayer.  Minutes later my pain was gone.  Totally.  Completely.  GONE.   I had no pain meds in my system at all and went from a 9 on the pain scale to a 0.  God is good.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of His power.  He is gracious to do that.  I'm thankful!

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