Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Word for the Year

A few close friends have made a tradition of choosing one word for the year.  I have been thinking about this year and my goals for it.  An ongoing personal battle of mine is fear.  Fear of what?  Good question!  Honestly.  Fear manifests itself in my heart in MANY ways.  Fear of loss, failure, disappointment, heartbreak are just a few ways I notice it.  I have decided that my word for the year is "Fearless"


 adjective \ˈfir-ləs\

Definition of FEARLESS

: free from fear : brave
In order to make this a reality, I will have to rely heavily on God.  We have barely begun 2013 and already I am challenged.  It didn't take long!  If you are reading this, prayers are appreciated!  

This song was written by Matt Hammitt for his son Bowen.  One of my promises to God this year is to love without fear.  This means I will get hurt ladies and gentleman.  I trust God.  He is good.  I trust him to heal my hurts when they come.  It is time for my "wall" to come down.  My relationships will be real and full of the love God has given me to pass on.  Happy new year!

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