Thursday, January 3, 2013

Divine Providence

I wanted to write a post dedicated to the gracious hand of God.  His word says "In this world you WILL have struggles, but don't worry because I have overcome the world."  God does not keep us from struggles.  He reminds us we WILL have them.  Our response to them is what is crucial.  Will we turn toward Him when they strike?  Will we turn away?  Will we try to fix the problem in our own strength?  2013 has immediately sent me a wicked curve ball.  I am on a path I didn't plan for.  What is my response to it?  Initially, it was not very good.  I wanted to operate in my own strength.  I wanted to reject the word of God.  God wanted me broken enough to realize my need for Him.  Through brokenness, I have adjusted my vision.  I am looking upward instead of inward.  I am thankful for the necessary reliance on my Father.  I am thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ who have lifted me up in prayer.  I give thanks for the joy of a new day.  A fresh start.  An opportunity to serve.

Last night I created a playlist entitled "Hope".  I randomly selected songs on my iPod that I hadn't listened to in awhile.  I thought it was random.  As I listened to the words of each song that played last night God spoke to me.  He had two messages for me:

1)  People mess up.  He loves them anyway, and makes things right.

2)  It's time to make this right.  It's been broken for too long.  This needs to start out this way to be resolved.

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  1. This sounds very similar to the path god had me on in 2012, but Amy He did above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! I love you!