Saturday, October 8, 2011


God has been challenging me lately to remember who He is, and what I have seen Him do. As we move into the month of October, I am reminded of what God did for our family one October 9 years ago.

Roan Forest had opened that year. Things were hectic, exciting, and new. Neither of our children were in school. (Ethan wasn't even thought of yet!)We had gone out to dinner with Eric's family. Emily started acting strangely. She wouldn't look at me when I talked to her. She sort of stared through me. When we got home, I put her in the tub for a bath. She couldn't sit up in the tub. I said something to Eric about it, and he said "she's just tired, put her in her crib and see how she is in the morning". I couldn't do it. I felt strongly that if I put her in bed, she'd never wake up. I called my mother-in-law and she agreed Em wasn't acting right at dinner. We took her to the ER where I was told "she's just tired" for the second time. We waited and waited to see the Dr. When they called us back, we waited some more. When the doctor finally came in he looked at Em and said "I have to be honest, I don't like her color at all". I'm going to run some blood work, and we will be testing her for leukemia, cystic fibrosis, and a list of other things that I don't remember because he started with the word leukemia. I will never forget the breath prayer I said at that moment. "Lord, I have to give this to you because I'm not strong enough. I give you my daughter". The tests came back, and she didn't have leukemia. However, she was severely anemic and needed a blood transfusion. They kept her in the hospital for a week trying to figure out what had caused her to have anemia that severely. Our small group at the time was amazing. Every night someone brought us food, new clothes, and prayed with us. Our baby girl is 10 now. I am so thankful God prompted me to keep pressing even though person after person told me nothing was wrong. In the words of one of the PICU nurses "If you'd have put her to bed, she may not have woken up". God is good. I remember.

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