Monday, May 30, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure...

Everyone has a situation that they pray they will never have to encounter.  Today I was faced with one.  Ethan and I went to the grocery store together this afternoon.  It was a normal trip, with a crazy long list.   Halfway through the store, with a cart full of groceries, Ethan begins to vomit.  Not a little--excorcist style.  It was everywhere.  Vomit was all over the groceries, in my purse and it covered Ethan from head to toe.  The pathetic amount of wipes I had in my purse wasn't cutting it.  I called out to an employee that was stocking the shelf down the aisle from me.  I explained what had happend and she called for someone with a mop.  Another employee comes up and asks would I like her to grab a shirt for him or possibly a beach towel.   I left my groceries and scooped Ethan up to take him to the rest room.  As I was cleaning him up, someone arrived with the shirt.  After cleaning him up, we left the bathroom looking for the cart I had left behind.  I was directed to a checkout line where they had unloaded and wiped down all of the groceries (some of them had to have been replaced with fresh ones).  I was handed paper towels "just in case".  I asked to have the shirt added to the groceries and was told it was a gift to us.  We were taken care of in a way I have never experienced.  Instead of leaving stressed and frustrated, we left knowing the hand of God was all over us.  HEB rocks.  I will never shop anywhere else. 


  1. Oh wow! That's amazing that they took such good care of you! Hope Ethan is doing better now!

  2. What a great testimony to when people choose to be great and compassionate! Kudos to HEB!