Sunday, January 9, 2011

See Yourself the Way God Sees You

"See yourself the way God sees you..."  This statement caught my eye today, and I don't think it was an "accident".  Last week I heard someone on the radio declaring that we should "give ourselves the grace we give others".  That we wouldn't tell someone else the mean, hurtful, disapproving things that we think about ourselves when we fall short.  I am sensing a trend.  So, how does God see us?  His word calls us His dearly loved children.  We are His workmanship, made in His very image.  This is so hard to say...but I'm going to because I am sure there are other people that feel this way, if even occasionally.  I don't feel good about myself.. not often...rarely ever.  It is a disease, a cancer if you will that has been eating away at me since I was a child.

God has been lovingly trying to show me this is not the abundant life He is calling me to.  It's time to love myself the way that God loves me.  To see myself with His eyes.  This week in my quiet time, I want to shower my spirit with God's vision of His children.  If you know any good verses, pass them my way!

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